Bogie’s Bar’s Happy Hour

We all know that in the glorious world of restaurants and bars, the best hour is always happy hour in Westlake Village! Happy hour at Bogie’s Bar lasts from Monday to Friday and goes until 7pm. Need a drink? There’s the refreshing Light Country Lemonade and the tasty Blueberry Lemondrop martini. For food you can order up some pommes frites, or grab a nice bite of almost everyone’s favorite grilled chicken wings. You will surely be happy, satisfied, and full with your visit, and you might even want seconds! Feel free to return with a group of friends to try out more delicious foods on the menu or taste any of the fresh drinks that you may have missed out on during last time’s happy hour. As long as you are twenty one or older and you follow the sophisticated dress style, you are able to greatly enjoy your visits to Bogie’s Bar for their excellent happy hour.