Brain Injury Cases in Las Vegas

Brain injury (also known as head trauma, traumatic brain injury or head trauma law) is a kind physical trauma to the brain and head, like a shaking, blow, bump or a penetration, which leads to disruption of the normal functioning of the brain.

Brain injuries can vary from severe to mild, and the symptoms can be subtle. Although this kind of injuries is mainly as a result of sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and workplace accidents, also, they can result from non-violent occasions. Beside, Brain injuries is also a type of birth injury.

Common symptoms for adults include the inability to concentrate, persistent headache, memory loss, fatigue, dizziness, change in mood or behavior, and blurred vision. Occasionally, with mild brain injuries, the symptoms appear over time, and they are hard to identify.

Brain injuries to children are usually difficult to recognize, but can comprise, listlessness, change in eating, irritability, school performance, sleep, loss of new skills and unsteady walking.

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