Car Crash attorney in Manassas.

Car Crash attorneys in Manassas

Are you looking for a car crash attorney? The state of virginia experiences over 150000 car crashes each year. They can be devastating and at the same time costly to the family. That is why you need a car crash attorney who will help you. WhittingtonLaw is one of the best law firms that can help you achieve this.


About the WhittingtonLaw


John D. Whittington is the pioneer of John D. Whittington, PC a law firm based in Manassas, Virginia. Whittington has over 35 years experience in matters civil litigation. He specializes in wrongful death, personal injury and workers' compensation. He offers legal reprensatation of people who have encountered injuries in their workplace.


Why choose Whittington Law?


Mr. John D. Whittington has been recognized as one of the best perosnal injury attorneys in Manassas. He is dedicated and employs professionalism to his work. He was accorded the AV Preeminent, one of the highest recognition for attorneys that is accorded by the Martindale-Hubbell. He was also awarded the Arthur Sinclair professionalism award of 2012.