Mediterraneo Restaurant

Mediterraneo is the Westlake Village Inn’s signature restaurant. This bistro-style eatery is characterized by many features including an outdoor terrace with a fireplace, looking out onto the water views of the private lake. The restaurant’s upscale- modern décor and attentive service exhibits a stylish atmosphere that leaves a lot to be desired. This offers the perfect romantic setting ideal for al fresco dining or any other celebration.

It also features a sophisticated dining room that has an exhibition kitchen, roomy banquettes, a pair of private dining rooms and intimate bar seating. Mediterraneo’s diverse menu is well prepared and priced reasonably for the quality on offer. Some highlights on the menu, which has a unique emphasis on fresh European style fare includes seafood, grilled steak, entrée-sized salads and appetizers, as well as poultry dishes. Additionally, it has an unparalleled wine list that includes a wide array of red and white vintages, in addition to sparkling wine. The restaurant also hosts a Sunday with a selection of culinary creations.

Mediterraneo is surrounded by vineyards, romantic gardens and a private lake on a seventeen acre property, ready to offer you an unforgettable dining experience in the Westlake Village.

Bogie’s Bar

Bogie’s Bar is a place where you can unwind with your friends while enjoying the best bar in Westlake Village. This is the most stylish bar and lounge in the area of Westlake Village. The bar features outdoor cabanas that provide exceptional lakeside views. The bar also features a toasty fireplace to keep you warm in the colder months. The venue includes intimate seating as well as a dance floor where live entertainment events are hosted most evenings. A wide selection of libations are also offered by Bogie’s Bar. This includes a wide variety of martinis as well as bottle service.
Bogie’s Bar is a stylish bar and lounge where you can enjoy time spent with your friends. This bar offers an ideal place to relax and unwind with those dearest to you. It is also an ideal place to socialize and meet new people. Bogie’s Bar offers an unforgettable experience that will entertain you and please your taste buds.

The Stonehaus is a Great Westlake Village Restaurant

Located in Westlake Village, the Stonehaus is a classy restaurant that has plenty of classic California charm. Visitor are delighted, not only by the classy, upscale decor of this unique botique Italian inspired restaurant, but by the classy, upscale food. Offering a variety of flavorful and healthy upscale items for breakfast, lunch ,and dinner the Stonehaus is exactly what makes California unique and special.
In the mornings, visitors to this upscale boutique restaurant are offered a variety of gourmet coffees, fresh baked pastries and freshly made to order smoothies and breakfast drinks. Lunch brings a casual, relaxed offering and plenty of light and flavorful gourmet choices, including panini and salads. Dinner is a little more of an event, as wines from the local winery are poured along with rich decadent Italian inspired dishes like hearth baked pizzas, and rotisserie chicken . It is easy to see why this rustic, Italian inspired boutique restaurant has become so popular. The Stonehaus is one of the best restaurants in the Westlake Village area.

The Stonehaus

The Stonehaus is one of the best wineries in Westlake Village! This unique spot is a getaway for the senses. With plenty of food and drink available and a great atmosphere, The Stonehaus will quickly become one of your favorite bar destinations in Westlake Village.

Add some class to your happy hour by going to The Stonehaus! Visitors who love vino will always find a wine that suits their palate. The Stonehaus offers fine coffee in addition to an extensive wine list. Sample your way through our wines or just have a glass of wine sitting by the fireplace. This European-inspired setting is the perfect way to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the finest wine you’ll ever taste. Don’t forget to ask about the tours, guided by our knowledgeable wine stewards!

The Stonehaus has a variety of beautiful wines just waiting for you! Stop in for happy hour, a glass of wine, or just to sample something from our delicious menu. We look forward to seeing you!

Boogie’s Bar- the perfect restaurant

People visit restaurants every day- some offer good service while we leave some restaurant unhappy with the service. Good restaurants are all about the food. However, the location of the restaurant, the service the staff offer, the arrangement of the seats and tables and the entire atmosphere inside the restaurant are contributing factors.
The food in a restaurant has to be good- no wonder restaurants spend a lot on qualified and experienced chefs. Variety in the menu is also necessary. Who wants to visit a restaurant and eat the same food they ate yesterday.
The arrangement is vital too. The space between seats and tables should be substantial to allow some privacy when eating. The background music, the soothing lighting combined with the arrangement contribute to a good restaurant atmosphere.
Boogie’s Bar has a restaurant in Westlake Village that is worthy of a visit as it fulfils all the factors that define a good restaurant. Its location is perfect as it lies in a secure neighbourhood. Visit Boogie’s Bar for a sumptuous meal in a warm atmosphere.

Mediterraneo event catering is the best

Are you looking for the very best event catering in Westlake Village? If you are holding a prestigious event in the near future then the event catering will be one of the main things on your list that you need to organise. Depending upon what sort of event you are holding, you will require some different services with your event catering. If you are holding the event in your own premises and you do not have the requisite kitchen facilities then you will need to find a catering company who can supply all of this for you so that the event goes without a hitch and nobody is left hungry.

One name which really stands out in terms of the quality of food and value for money is Mediterraneo. They offer a fantastic range of menus for you to choose from. You can feel sure that the quality of our food is second to none. They can also supply equipment.
Can the event catering be staffed so that I am free to mingle with my guests?

Mediterraneo restaurant will supply staff at tour request as part of their event catering so that every aspect of the occasion is taken care of. This is a great solution to choose if you are nervous about important guests. An added advantage is that you will be able to devote this time to ensuring that your guests are comfortable and have everything that they need. It is also important to choose a menu that offers a lot of choice so that everyone attending will be able to eat something, no matter what their dietary habits.

The Stonehaus Italian Wine Bar

Discover a truly spectacular wine tasting experience. Whether you are looking to unearth a new wine to add to your personal collection or just to sip a glass with friends by the warm outdoor fire. The Stonehaus wine bar in Westlake Village will give you an unforgettable encounter with some amazing wines from around the world. Try numerous private label wines in an authentic European style setting. With multiple wine flights to choose from you can be positive that you are getting an experience tailored to your unique personality and palate. The selection of available muffins and biscotti, fresh made panini sandwiches and fine salumi, prosciutto and fromaggi gives you plenty of options to pair with the one of a kind wines. The cozy, warm bar atmosphere gives off a distinct sense of comfort, sure to make you feel right at home amongst the beautiful stonework. Travel across the world without ever having to board a plane and experience the warm embrace of The Stonehaus.

Happy hour for a restaurant in West Lake Village.

Experience European style feasting at Californian impacts in Westlake Town. Mediterraneo, being the absolute perfect party time eatery in the zone in availing happy hour for all meals. Supporters and visitors can exploit the eatery’s mouth-watering dishes at up to half off. Party time begins as from 4pm till 7pm as from Monday to Friday.

Among those incorporated into their party time menu are broiled calamari sprinkled in arrabiata sauce. Visitors can likewise relish their flame broiled chicken Caesar with new and fresh romaine hearts, crunchy bread garnishes, delectable barbecue. Get a nibble of delicious sheep, blend of pork sticks and barbecued sheep combined with cucumber-tomato plate of mixed greens, flatbread and labneh. Keep in mind to attempt their arancini as well, which consolidates mozzarella. Mediterraneo has an excellent bar located in their restaurant.

If you stay longer for beverages and mixed drinks, you might sit by the yard sitting above the exquisite patio nursery and the beautiful Lake,you can arrange chardonnay or red mix margaritas and the exuberant Zonin Prosecco Italian shimmering wine for a vital supper with an exceptional somebody.If you consider to appreciate the party time with companions or a vast gathering, draft brew, well martini mixed drinks and other well mixed drink beverages are accessible. Looking for a great happy hour in Westlake Village try the Mediterraneo.

Bogie’s Bar’s Happy Hour

We all know that in the glorious world of restaurants and bars, the best hour is always happy hour in Westlake Village! Happy hour at Bogie’s Bar lasts from Monday to Friday and goes until 7pm. Need a drink? There’s the refreshing Light Country Lemonade and the tasty Blueberry Lemondrop martini. For food you can order up some pommes frites, or grab a nice bite of almost everyone’s favorite grilled chicken wings. You will surely be happy, satisfied, and full with your visit, and you might even want seconds! Feel free to return with a group of friends to try out more delicious foods on the menu or taste any of the fresh drinks that you may have missed out on during last time’s happy hour. As long as you are twenty one or older and you follow the sophisticated dress style, you are able to greatly enjoy your visits to Bogie’s Bar for their excellent happy hour.

Bogie’s Bar

If you are looking for a classy bar with an amazing nightlife, then you need to try Bogie’s Bar.
Conveniently located in Westlake Village, Bogie’s Bar has everything you would expect from an upscale LA bar, without having to battle insane traffic driving into the city.

Bogie’s has live music and is the perfect place hang out and get one of their famously good cocktails and do some dancing. Check their website for up-to-date details on who’s playing and when. You can enjoy the scenery from the heated open-air patio while you catch up with old friends or make new ones.

Bogie’s Bar is an excellent choice for your next big event. Call ahead to make reservations for birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties. They are open every night of the week to those twenty-one and up and open til 2 a.m. on the on Friday and Saturday nights.

Don’t delay, slip into something nice and head to Bogie’s Bar for the night of your life!