Humerus fractures in horses

Humerus fractures are not common is horses as the require a huge amount of force to fracture this short and thick bone. This bone is located between the shoulder and elbow joint. The main reason for this fracture is a kick or fall, although some horses suffer stress fractures on the humerus due to racing. The kick causes the horse to jump with a big impact this makes the to skin slit which causes the fracture. The signs of his fracture is a lot of lameness and the tissues become swollen. Minimal would can be used to treat the wound to remove dead tissues, but antibiotics and wound care was the most method in treating this fractures. The next is treatment is very risk cause the horse will have to go through a surgery if the fracture is very bad. The stay in the hospital could range from 7-19 days. The horse lameness should improve over 48 hours. The total recovery should be about 7 weeks. If you need medicine contact SynNutra Equine to help your horse.