Class Action Lawsuits

Ever since the anti-smoking campaign really took off, class action lawsuits have become a pretty big deal. It seems like almost every day, we hear about a different class action suit. We hear about class action suits against the tobacco industry, against the manufacturers of fire arms and malt liquor, and even against the Catholic Church. Nonetheless, there are many class action suits that we do not hear about.

Not hearing about class action suits wouldn’t seem to be a problem for most people, but you have to wonder whether or not you have been named as a party to one. It is amazing how few people actually claim the status that they are entitled to in suits class action using Eppsteiner Law APC . For example, there was recently a class action suit against the recording industry where anyone who had bought a CD in the last several years was entitled to 10 dollars. The recording industry, you see, have been fixing prices on CDs. Therefore, if you had bought a CD recently, you are considered a victim of their illegal price-fixing.

Nonetheless, in some ways class action suits in California are very important if you use Eppsteiner Law APC. Don’t get me wrong – despite what you may have heard about the big tobacco lawsuits, class action suits very rarely do anything for the victims. The lawyers fees for Eppsteiner Law APC the litigation is cheap , and the industries are so well represented, that each member of a class action lawsuit generally stands to gain very little. Nevertheless, class action suits have a function that they serve in society.