Clearwater Divorce Lawyer

Judicial proceedings in the matter of separation Cases of separation are pending before district courts according to the same rules as divorce proceedings. Although it is easier to obtain a ruling on separation, it is necessary to properly prepare for a trial to prove a complete (but not necessarily permanent) breakdown of marriage. The Law Firm for Famliy Law are a Clearwater family law firm.


Unless the Act provides otherwise, separation has consequences similar to those of a divorce by marriage. And these consequences can be very serious, as they relate, for example, to blame for the breakdown of life, custody of children and financial matters (ie alimony , property separation, division of property ). Be prepared with a Clearwater divorce lawyer.


It is worth taking advantage of the help of an experienced lawyer to avoid being surprised during the trial, additional costs or even unfavorable resolution of the case by the court. The abolition of separation On the joint request of the spouses, the separation may be abolished, which results in the cessation of all previous consequences related to the separation ruling.


This seems to be a relatively simple process, but in practice at this stage also legal marriages are lurking for spouses related to court decisions regarding parental authority or property separation. It can be remedied by an advocate who, from the beginning of the proceedings to abolish the separation, will take into account all important elements in Clearwater.