Disability Discrimination

By now we would all like to think of discrimination against those with disabilities as an unfortunate thing of the past. Sadly for those with disabilities, they find out firsthand that even in 2016 discrimination still happens.

Discrimination against those with disabilities can take place in a number of different ways. Sometimes those with disabilities are denied housing accommodations or are unable to enter offices due to a landlord or owner’s unwillingness to provide appropriate access and entry points for those with wheel chairs or other mobility devices.

Other examples are employers who refuse to employ someone based on a true or purely perceived disability or an employer who will not make feasible adjustments to their facilities so that disabled persons can be equally accommodated. For instance, an employer who refuses putting in bathroom doors that are wide enough for wheelchairs or provide desks that are the right size for an employed little person would likely be guilty of disability discrimination.

Federal laws protect the rights of citizens with disabilities. If you believe you are being subjected to disability discrimination, contact the Choe Law Firm, APC. Their experienced disability discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles will stand up for your rights and ensure that you are given fair and equal treatment.