Dog Bite Lawyer Las Vegas

No matter the size of a dog, it can still cause some damage. A dog bite can break skin no matter the size of the dog. A small Yorkshire Terrier can still break skin, cause infections, just like a dog bite from a German Shepard can. You should not assume just because a dog is small or fluffy that it is friendly. If you reside in Las Vegas and were the victim of a dog bite injury you will need to seek medical attention. It is very important to ensure that you make sure you wound will not be infected and that the dog that bite you did not have any diseases that could be transferred to a human.


More often than not if you are bitten by a dog, it will be a dog that you know. If the dog was not yours there is a chance you could be entitled to compensation. To find out it is best to contact a Las Vegas dog bite lawyer to assess your case. You can even find law firms that offer free consultations to talk about your case before you officially hire them as your lawyer. Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith are a Las Vegas personal injury law firm who you can talk to about your dog bite case in Las Vegas.