Drug Crimes Attorney from the Washington D.C. Area

Drugs are illegal throughout the United States. If you get caught with drugs you can be in some big legal trouble. You might want to look into getting a Washington D.C. drug crimes attorney to protect the rights that you have. While stated sentences ago, drugs are illegal in this country but there are some areas when the penalties of having drugs or doing drugs is at a higher stake. Those would be drug free zones. If you are caught within 1,000 feet of any of these drug free zones, then you can receive harsher punishments in Washington D.C. The courts will almost always go for maximum penalty if it was in a drug free zone.


These zones are what you would expect such as schools of all ages, grade school, middle school, high schools, colleges and universities, and other public places such as day cares, pools, playgrounds, youth centers, and libraries. Each of these places if you were charged with a crime you need to call Lotze Mosley LLP a criminal law firm in Washington D.C. as soon as you possibly can. If you are guilty or innocent, you need legal help to get you out of this mess.