Enjoy a Piece of History!

Are you looking to enhance your stay at the Westlake Village Inn? Are you dying to experience an exciting part of American history? Then book the Air Force One tour! In addition to the tour, Westlake Village Inn offers a Air Force One package which includes overnight accommodations at the Inn and a variety of amenities such as: lemonade, a jar of jelly beans (President Reagan’s favorite candy), and a copy of the Reagan diaries.
On the Air Force One Tour, you’ll walk through the same plane that flew over 660,000 miles with President Ronald Reagan. This amazing aircraft served seven presidents and has touched down in more than 26 foreign countries. Nicknamed “The Flying White House”, Air Force One boasts all of the comforts of home for our traveling leaders. The Air Force One Tour offers a unique opportunity to step into the life of some of the most powerful men in United States history.
Located in close proximity to the Simi Valley and its historic attractions, the Westlake Village Inn is the ideal location for your visit to Southern California. The Air Force One Tour is the perfect compliment to your stay at the Westlake Village Inn.