Exceptional Family Law Representation

Domestic violence refers to abuse either physical or emotional, committed against you by a spouse, fiancée, boyfriend or girlfriend, cohabitant or someone you have a child with. The abuse meted out is usually meant to recklessly or intentionally cause or attempt to cause emotional or bodily harm. It also is valid if it is meant to instil fear of serious bodily harm in you. Such abuse can affect many facets of your life. The abuse usually affects you negatively and may also affect people close to you like your family and even co-workers.

Domestic violence will in most instances make you emotionally, physically and sometimes financially unstable. It is not your fault that you have an abusive partner or ex-partner. It is good to note that innocent people do get accused as well so whichever side of the law you fall in, getting timely and attentive representation should be your priority. McCleary H. Sanborn, III, Attorney at Law has over 30 years of experience offering quality legal representation especially in issues of family law to residents of Santa Barbara and its environs. Mac listens to your concerns and guarantees you exceptional representation.