Family Lawyer in Los Angeles, California


There are many reasons as to why you could need a family law attorney. Were you in a relationship? Was the person you were in a relationship with abusive to you? Los Angeles family lawyers can help you with a domestic violence case and help you get to a safe place as well as hold your abuser accountable. Did you have children with someone? If you did a family lawyer can help you with paternity if you were not married in order to make sure you have full medical history records on the father for your child. They can also help you if you and your partner split up in child custody or child support.


A family lawyer from Los Angeles can also help you if you were thinking of getting married, they can help you draft up a prenuptial agreement to protect your current assets. They can also help you with anything that pertains to a divorce, including the divorce itself and alimony and property division. Land Legal Group, APC a family law firm in Los Angeles can help you in any family law matter that you have. Do not hesitate to call them for a free consultation. There is nothing wrong with asking for help.