Law Office of Joyce Holcomb is a family firm that is located in San Bernardino. The main purpose of this firm is that it handles family cases and fight for the rights of the grandparents. Grandparent rights includes the following, custody and visitation schedules by both children and parents. The judge decides on this right and it normally upon the parents to calculate the time that will be used on visitation. This arrangement works out in some situations, but some times the grandparent have to hire out a lawyer to get access to their grandchildren. The Law Office of Joyce Holcomb recognizes the importance of grandparents and the role they play in an extended family. Grandparents rights are not easy to fight for and requires a lawyer who understands the law, a lawyer needs to present explanation and evidence for the children best benefit to have frequent contacts with grandparents. Grandparents rights are very important, in some case their take care of children when the parents are unable.