Immigration Law and Marriage Visas

One of the countries with a developed and grown economy is the US. Advancement of technology and industrialization in this country has attracted many people to invest and work. The Law Offices of Tasoff & Tasoff, is a US immigration law company based in Los Angeles that provides representation and advice for multinational and domestic firms, research institutions, universities, and individuals. It is an accredited company with a vast knowledge and experience in immigration law. 

One area they focus on is marriage visa laws. When one of the partners in a relationship wishes to bring his or her foreign spouse to live in the US, there are mainly two ways that can help them secure residence. They will be required to apply for a spouse type of immigration visa also known as IR1 or CR1. This will require a petition for an immigrant Alien Relative, form 1-130. Another means of obtaining a residence permit is by applying for a spouse Visa for Non-immigrants also known as K-3. This firm is dedicated to helping you obtain this type of Visa through legal means to enable your spouse to live and work in the US. Visit the Law Offices of Tasoff & Tasoff’s website to get more information on how they can help you through the immigration process.