Internet Crimes

The internet has grown to become an essential communication tool in our everyday life. We generally use the internet to shop, share information and interact. However, some people usually take advantage of this to commit a host of crimes.

Internet crime refers to a range of crimes committed online or aided by the various forms of computer technology. You may have probably heard it being referred to as cyber crime by Kestenbaum Law Group a criminal defense law frim based in Los Angeles.

The most common forms of internet crimes include spoofing, blackmail or extortion, accessing stored communications, non-delivery of merchandise, electronic harassment, child pornography, online prostitution, and criminal copyright infringement.

Due to advancement in technology, detecting sources of internet crime can be difficult thus the police department fighting online crime has to always be updated with new trends. Just like any other crimes, internet crimes should be reported to the relevant law enforcement investigative authority depending on the extent.