Land Whitmarsh LLP Divorce Lawyer

It can be a troubling and confusing time when a marriage is coming to an end. State laws regarding property and asset rights after divorce are not always clear-cut. Financial questions may swarm your mind with, “Do I have any rights to my spouse’s retirement income? What about property I owned before the marriage that I still own now, will it have to be split? Will I get stuck paying for my partner’s student loans and debts? If my name is on the mortgage but I relinquish my rights to the home, will I still be liable for the payments?” Other factors like agreements over custody of children, child support, and spousal support can be grueling and you may feel like you have nowhere to turn for answers.
It’s important that you have experienced legal representation to protect your rights after a divorce. At Land Whitmarsh LLP a divorce law firm in Los Angeles, their experienced attorneys can answer your many questions and help guide you through the challenging process of divorce and steer you toward a favorable outcome.