Law Offices of Steven J. Horn is the Best Civil Litigation In Encino

Unlike criminal suits, where the demand is between the state and an individual, civil litigation arises in the case of the legal dispute between two or more parties. The party requires monetary compensation for legal damages or injury.
Civil litigation lawyers possess skills to represent clients effectively. Some of the cases handled included business torts, labor issues, and breach of contract, shareholder disputes, and intellectual property rights, among others.
The Law Offices of Steven J. Horn is litigation law frim in Encino who understands the legal systems to guide you through the court proceedings. Civil suits begin with an investigation, and in most cases undergo a couple of other stages, like pleading, pre-trial, settlement and the final verdict. However, not all cases have to follow the said procedure. If a party is not content with an outcome, they can make an appeal for the court to re-visit the case.
Civil litigation lawyers need to be experienced in handling cases to give you the confidence. If you have a public dispute contact Law Offices of Steven J. Horn for assistance.