Need a Divorce Lawyer? Consider These Points

Divorce is an unfortunate, but sometimes necessary, part of life. Should you find yourself looking for a skilled divorce lawyer in Sacramento, there are a few points your should carefully consider. Not all lawyers are equal. You want to make sure your divorce attorney will actively protect your interests. To that end, The Law Office of David A. Martin and Associates offers these points for you to consider.

1. Ask Questions. Most often, people meet with a divorce attorney as a cry for help. There is desperation in their voice and they come to the process foggy, emotionally charged or exhausted, and unsteady. this is understandable. The territory of divorce is new and unexpected. To help, have a prepared list of questions. Make sure you address all items that are important to you regarding the specifics between you and your spouse. These are items like custody, asset allocation, child support, and alimony. Then, be sure to ask:

– Who will be working on your case?
– How do they bill for services?
– Are their separate bill rates?

Those last three are just as important. It can be easy to forget them. Make sure you have them written down beforehand.

2. Communication. It is important your attorney maintains an office staff that is responsive to calls. You want to make sure your concerns or questions can be met within a reasonable time frame. Great questions to ask are:

– What is the time frame for returned calls?
– Who takes calls primarily?
– Do you take calls after hours?
– Is it easier to email?

If you work a job with unpredictable hours, or late shifts, these questions will give you the information you need to maintain timely contact with your lawyer.

Divorce is never easy. It is unsettling and harsh. It can be dealt with, however. And while no divorce attorney can guarantee any sort of outcome, addressing the two points mentioned above will help the process go as smooth as possible.

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