The Hill Law Group – Fathers Rights

The issue of fathers rights has become very complicated as time goes by. Most of times, fathers have been denied their constitutional right to take care of their own children. There are certain policies which have been instituted that deprive the fathers their rights. Fathers have been denied the right to protection, direct care and companion of their own children. In other cases, wives have unjustly extorted monies from the fathers hence enriching themselves in the expense of the children. Fathers have also been incarcerated simply because they are unable to pay all the extortion imposed to them by law. Other have been denied a certain type of job, denying of driving or working licenses and so many other unjust action.

If you are in need of fathers rights lawyer on such issues as right to visit a child, right to be consulted before your child is given out for adoption, legal issues related to the father’s relationship with his children and men reproductive issues, then the Hill Law Group has the best family lawyers in Las Vegas, who can assist in such issues.