The Hill Law Group? Your Solution to property division in Nevada

Nevada happens to be one of the community property states; a relatively complicated state when it comes to property division during divorce. Being a community property state, any debt or property acquired during a marriage is considered of both the wife as well as the husband. Certain exceptions do exist in this law; though they are a bit complicated thus the need for hiring the services of our qualified lawyers at The Hill Law Group.

On divorce, the future of your finances will begin with the property division plan you have in place. This is where The Hill Law Group comes in to ensure you get the best possible plan. Your separate property must never be divided equitably. Complications arise when personal property and separate property is commingled.

Save yourself the burden of proving that there is a line of distinction between these two sets of assets by contacting The Hill Law Group for the best possible property division defense in Las Vegas and Nevada as a whole.