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estate administration attorney for succession opens at the time of the person's death and determines the transfer to the successors of the deceased's estate. The methods of this transfer are established by law, which provides for two types of succession: – legitimate succession : works in the absence o f a will (or when the will has only on some goods), the devolution of the inheritance (or part of it not included in the will) takes place according to the criteria and quotas established by law in favor of close relatives, according to a specific graduation; – the succession testamentary: in this case the person has already established in the will to whom the hereditary assets must be transferred. The will is a solemn declaration of will made in life by the person with whom he decides the devolution of his possessions for the time in which he will no longer be alive. The Sterling Law Group can assist you in business law in Roseville. The law provides for the validity of the testament rigid form requirements and also the content of the will must comply with certain criteria, established by law. Successions are a complicated matter and for a correct examination specific skills and a particularly qualified preparation are necessary. Thanks to the considerable experience gained in this particular legal sector, the The Sterling Law Group
provides advice in all areas of succession law, dealing with legal assistance for inheritance and inheritance issues