Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are complex, for many reasons. To ensure that you get the proper representation, look for Binder & Associates truck accident lawyer in Pasadena to assist you. Here are three reasons a trucking accident attorney is a right call to make.

There can be many causes. Binder & Associates truck accident lawyer can help sort through the details that caused the crash. There are so many possibilities, including human error, driver fatigue, driver intoxication, driver inexperience, distracted driving such as texting or using a cell phone, excessive speed, slow reaction, failure to obey federal, state or local trucking laws and regulations, fatigue, a mechanical failure, poor loading procedures, defective equipment, poor weather conditions, poor road conditions, incorrect cargo size, weight, or loading procedures, unsafe equipment or a lack of adequate maintenance, or a third-party car or truck.

Multiple parties may be involved. Once your attorney has learned the facts of the case and investigated the details, he or she can help determine the proper course of action. There can be many parties involved in a truck accident. Possible participants in a complaint include the truck driver, the truck (or trailer) manufacturer, the commercial trucking company, the owner of the cargo being hauled, the cargo distributors, the cargo loader or shipper, or a third-party driver.
To help you sort out this legal confusion, you need an attorney who knows the complexities of such cases. Your lawyer can help determine how to maximize any possible compensation by suing multiple parties. While many people assume that the truck driver is the only liable party that is often not the case at all. Depending on the law and the