What Are Sex Crimes?

Sex crimes are a group of various offenses that cover illegal or coerced sexual behavior against another person.There are different categories. Rape is every non-consensual sex with another person committed by the use of force, threats of injury or other forms of coercion. Statutory rape are sexual relations with individuals that are below age of consent, as they can’t legally consent to sex, so by default such relation with them directly violates the law. Sexual assault refers to any unwanted and offensive sexual touching. Prostitution covers offering or paying for sex services and solicitation is demanding or encouraging someone to engage in prostitution.Sex offenders are people that are convicted of sex crimes, and their names are added to the official state and federal registries of sex offenders. The laws for specific sex crimes vary from state to state, so it is best to hire a legal team that specializes in sex crime charges, such as Lotze Mosley LLP, a criminal law frim in Washington, DC, as they have the most experience in such cases.