Wine Tasting at Westlake Village Inn

West Lake Village is happily home to Westlake Village Inn. At Westlake Village Inn, visitors can enjoy the luxurious treat of wine tasting. This is just amazing, because not only do you get a romantic getaway, beautiful scenery, spa visits, and eating out, but you also get to enjoy the treat of tasting delicious wine!
Not many hotels and inns include this, so it is just wonderful that this one does. You can go wine tasting for all seven days of the week and from eleven in the morning to five in the afternoon. It is a great way to start up or end a fun and stress relieving wine getaway in West Lake Village. So, for those who enjoy walking through vineyards and capturing beautiful photos of the scenery during the day and winding down to glasses of wine and the beautiful Californian sunset in the noon, Westlake Village Inn is the place for you! Happy wine tasting!