Guidance and advice on estate litigation

At The Sterling Law Group an estate planning law firm in Roseville, they provide knowledgeable and cost-effective advice to estate administrators in the execution of their specific obligations, in accordance with legal requirements. For decades, our lawyers have gained experience in advising and providing solution-oriented representation to countless individuals and families on matters concerning estate litigation.


Their lawyers assist estate administrators at all stages of a estate administration process, including:


  • Submission of the application for appointment as administrator with or without will
  • Advice on the general duties of a probate administrator
  • Advice on the interpretation of wills
  • Registration of property on behalf of the estate administrator
  • Support in the maintenance of estate accounts


Lawyers for cross-border estate litigation


Managing an inheritance that affects interests abroad can be a complex and daunting task. Their Roseville lawyers regularly assist estate administrators in matters relating to descendants, heirs, assets abroad, and tax matters.In return, they can also help protect your rights and interests if you have received the notification of the death of a relative abroad.Through decades of practical experience, we have built a network of experts and professionals who support us in inheritance matters. Their Roseville estate litigation lawyers are also assisted by their international legal and administrative assistants, who have studied at universities abroad and bring together their well over 10 years of professional experience in the US legal system.